Borexino General Meeting - Special Session

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Stefano Longo
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On the occasion of the next Borexino collaboration meeting, at the end of the data taking, we will hold an open "special session" with a few talks for a recollection of the history and the achievements of Borexino throughout its three-decade long saga.

Gianpaolo Bellini(University of Milano & INFN)
Frank Calaprice (Princeton University)
Wick Haxton (University of California, Berkeley)
Fabio Mantovani (University of Ferrara & INFN)
James Withmore (former NSF Program Director for Particle Astrophysics)
Francesco Lorenzo Villante (University of L'Aquila & INFN)
Francesco Vissani (INFN - LNGS)

Organizing Committee:
Aldo Ianni (INFN-LNGS)
Ezio Previtali (University of Milano Bicocca - Director of LNGS)
Gioacchino Ranucci (INFN Milano)
Nicola Rossi (INFN-LNGS)
Fausto Chiarizia (INFN-LNGS)