GGI Tea Breaks' Seminars - Marc Kamionkowski (Johns Hopkins University)

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GGI Tea Brekas is a new web-seminars series on the Theory of Fundamental Interactions, covering a wide spectrum of arguments.
The aimis to discuss th eopen questions in Fundamental physics while offering to researches and pH.D. students a simple intrudaction to some of the hottest topics in the field.

Marc Kamionkowski (Johns Hopkins University)

"Is the ΛCDM model in trouble?"

Marc Kamionkowski is a theoretical physicist. His research is in cosmology, astrophysics, and elementary-particle theory. His main focus has been on particle dark matter, inflation and the cosmic microwave background, and cosmic acceleration. He also worked on neutrino and nuclear physics and astrophysics, large-scale-structure and galaxy formation, intrinsic galaxy alignments and gravitational lensing, gravitational waves, phase transitions in the early Universe, alternative-gravity theories, the first stars and the epoch of reionization, and a bit in stellar and high-energy astrophysics.

We’ve known since the late 1920s that the Universe is expanding. However, the expansion rate currently inferred from measurements of the cosmic microwave background now disagrees with that obtained from supernova measurements. Over the past few years, theorists have been exploring the possibility that this Hubble tension is explained by some new “early dark energy”: a new component of matter that may have been dynamically important several hundred thousand years after the Big Bang.

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