GGI Tea Breaks' Seminar - Silvia Pascoli (Università di ...

GGI Tea Breaks' Seminar - Silvia Pascoli (Università di Bologna) GGI Tea Breaks' Seminar - Silvia Pascoli (Università di Bologna)
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GGI Tea Breaks is a new web-seminars series on the Theory of Fundamental Interactions, covering a wide spectrum of arguments.
The aim is to discuss the open questions in Fundamental physics while offering to researches and pH.D. students a simple introduction to some of the hottest topics in the field.

Silvia Pascoli (Università di Bologna)

Neutrinos: from surprising past results, to current unexplained anomalies and questions for the future

In the past twenty years, the discovery of neutrino oscillations has changed our understanding of neutrinos and proved that the Standard Model of particle physics is incomplete. We now know that neutrinos have mass and mix. An impressive progress has been made, thanks to a broad experimental programme, and most of their properties have been determined with precision. In this colloquium, I will briefly review the current knowledge of neutrino properties, highlighting the still open questions, with emphasis on the nature of neutrinos, their masses and leptonic CP violation. I will then discuss the hints for a richer structure beyond three-neutrino mixing, which have been interpreted in terms of sterile neutrinos and/or new neutrino interactions. I will review the experimental status and the expected near future developments and their possible theoretical implications.